Wonder Women 5k Walk For Life

Here’s a big thank you to Obria Medical Clinics of Southern California for having our photo booth at the Wonder Women 5k Walk For Life event! We definitely had a blast capturing special moments with the amazing Wonder Women and supporters.

Much love and support was shown for all of the Wonder Women in our society who introduce and nurture new life to our world. With the Wonder Women Walk, we take the time to appreciate our mothers, sisters, and daughters who bestow the gift of motherhood upon us. We are lucky to be where we are now in the world thanks to these amazing women!

Sponsors and supporters walked a 5k route around Old Town Orange with Wonder Women of all ages to support the generous cause. After the walk, guests were greeted with a handful of sponsors, including the Honda Helpful Hands, Beachfront Cinema, and Insperity! Supporters were also given the option to take some colorful photos at our comic-theme photo booth! There was no better place to capture photos of all of the superheroes!


Thank you to all of the superheroes who took their valuable time to support the Wonder Women!

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